About Us

PrimeCare Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Manhattan Data LLC, a USA based healthcare services corporation, serving its US healthcare clients since 2000 from offices based in USA, Philippines and Pakistan.

PrimeCare introducing customer focused new and innovative healthcare services in Pakistan by bringing in over a decade of international experience in healthcare services.

Our Other Businesses:

Health eConnex

Health eConnex
The first ever Third Party Administrator of its kind in Pakistan since 2013.
Presently serving over 100,000 members.
Also partnered with TPA companies in GCC countries to offer its services to international customers.


A design focused brand aims to deliver home solutions that enhance and compliment your lifestyle with a focus on design, aesthetics and practicality.

The Financial Daily

The Financial Daily
The first investors English Language largest selling daily newspaper in business community of Pakistan with a readership of over 100,000.

Baba Foods

Baba Foods
It's a chain of food Restaurants also caters to online orders and home delivery.

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans
Jean’s Coffees is one of the world’s biggest premium coffee chains, operates in over 40 countries.


A leading Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), Lake Forest, southern California. One of the leading low cost, highest tech supplier of timely, accurate healthcare practitioner information providing company.

Our Vision

Make primary healthcare services

Convenient, Affordable & Reliable for Everyone


Quality of healthcare is directly proportional to the quality of physician providing it. PrimeCare committed to sort the crowd to give you best in business.

Significant discounts suggest that the medicines may be substandard or lost efficacy. PrimeCare ensures that you don’t need to worry about quality of medicine or tests.

PrimeCare will protect you from anxiety resulted from self-diagnosis by giving you access to a physician without leaving your home or office 24/7.

PrimeCare will ensure peace of mind that in time of need you should be concerned about getting best treatment, not the cost. Quality healthcare doesn’t have to be for a privileged few. PrimeCare is dedicated make quality healthcare accessible to everyone.

Our Products

It's Prepaid Card.

Features: Benefits: Advantages: Support:
  • Cashless access to OPD Services Across Pakistan.
  • Cashless access to OPD Services Across Pakistan.
  • Access to Health eConnex’s Network of reputed Hospitals & Clinics near Home & work Place.
  • Attractive Discounts on Prescription Medicines and Lab tests.
  • Efficient Home Delivery of Medicines.
  • 24/7 physician availability via “Dial-A-Doctor”.
  • Access to International Research Centers for Medical 2nd Opinion on critical illness*.
  • 1 Year Card Validity.
  • Carry Forward of Un-Utilized Visits to Next Year.
  • Single Card for All Family Members and Dependents.
  • Option to Gift a Consultancy Visit.
  • Accessibility to OPD Without Card.
  • Carefully selected network of reputed Hospitals and Clinics near Your Home & Place of Work.
  • Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Verified General Practitioners & Specialists.
  • Authentic & Effective Medicines Assurance.
  • Dependable Diagnostic Results.
  • Cards Available in 10, 14 & 20 Visits to suit all budgets.
  • Mobile Application & 24/7 Call Center.
  • 24/7 Panel of Physician available via Dial-A-Doctor.
  • Full Assistance in availing 2nd Opinion Coverage.