Total OPD and IPD Solution.

Staff Satisfaction:

More than three-quarters of employees who say they have good healthcare benefits also report high job satisfaction and found loyal to their employers. - “MetLife Survey”

Reduce Cost & Hassle:

Either your healthcare benefits to employees are self-managed or underwritten by an insurance company, collaborating with PrimeCare/Health eConnex will increase your savings by at least 22% and in addition a sizable reduction on management cost and hassle.

Controlled Spending:

Cost containment achieved through case management, claims adjudication, system generated triggers and timely detection of fraudulent activities. SOPs designed to create efficiency in all activities.

Focus on Core Business:

Providing and managing healthcare service is neither company’s core business nor insurance company’s core competency while PrimeCare/Health eConnex combination is specialized in support functions.
Our human resources selection, paperless processing and 24 hour’s customer service capabilities are of extreme quality.