Q 1- How do I activate my card ?

To activate your card, please download PrimeCare Customer App from Play Store and enter PrimeCare Card number or call our Helpline (021) 111-911-673.

Q 2-How do I know which Clinics, Hospitals, Labs and Pharmacies are on the network ?

A list of network providers is sent when you purchase the card. You can also find an updated list using PrimeCare Custome App or by calling Helpline (021) 111-911-673.

Q 3- How can I use may card for Consultancy ?

To avail consultancy services at network hospitals and clinics, generate a 'Service Code' either by using PrimeCare App or by calling the Helpline (021) 111-911-673 and give it to Service Provider desk.

Q 4- What is a Service Code ?

A Service Code is an authorization number that is required to be given to the Clinic / Hospital for receiving cashless consultancy.

Q 5- I am a Silver card holder. Can I use Silver & Blue category service providers ?

Yes, being a Silver card holder you can use the services at any Silver and Blue Services Provider in the network except Prestige.

Q 6 How do I avail discounts at Laboratories and Pharmacies ?

To avail discounts, please present your PrimeCare Card at Laboratory or Pharmacy. In order to find out about specific discount, please call Helpline (021) 111-911-673.

Q 7- What is Dial a Doctor and how can I use this Service ?

Dial a Doctor is a service where you can call and speak to a General Physician to get consultation over the phone. This service is available 24/7 and can be accessed by using PrimeCare App or calling the Helpline (021) 111-911-673.

Q 8- How long Does it take for the Home Delivery of Medicines ?

The Delivery time is 2 hours within city limits.

Q 9- Who else can use my card for OPD Consultancy ?

Your card can be used by anyone you wish to allow. Simply generate a Service Code and give it to the person who you want to avail the consultancy service. Physical card presence is not required.

Q 10- Can I get a doctor appointment ?

Appointment service is available to Prestige card holders only. Please call the Helpline (021) 111-911-673 to arrange an appointment at the panel Clinic / Hospital.

Q 11- What is the validity period of card ?

The card is valid for a period or 1 calender year from the date of purchase.

Q 12- What should I do in case of a lost card ?

Call the Helpline (021) 111-911-673 to block the lost card and request for reissuance.

Q 13- How can I upgrade my existing card ?

Please call our *Helpline (021) 111-911-673 for an upgrade request.

Q 14- Would follow-up visits be counted against my available visits on card ?

This depends on the Clinic / Hospital internal policy. Please call our Helpline or Clinic / Hospital to get confirmation for follow-up visits.

Q 15- Tell me about Medical 2nd Opinion and its benefits.

This unique offer allows PrimeCare 'Prestige' card holders and their loved ones an access to international research centers for 2nd opinion in case of critical illness at an affordable price. This service is made accessible to Prestige card members as a result of PrimeCare collaboration with internationally known 'Mediguide'.

Coverage Pricing
Self US $ 10.00
Self + Spouse US $ 15.00
Self + Spouse + Children US $ 20.00
Self + Spouse + Children + Parents US $ 25.00

Q 16- What will happen to my unutilized visits upon card expiry?

Unutilized visits (physical visits only) on the card will be carried forward to next year upon renewal of the card as illustrated below:
Renewal within same category: 50% of the unutilized visits transferred to new card.
Renewal to higher category:

  • 2 Blue Visits = 1 Silver.
  • 2 Silver Visits = 1 Prestige.
  • 4 Blue Visits = 1 Prestige.
  • 2 Blue Visits = Rs. 1000 discount on Prestige.

(Fractional visits will be not be carried forward)

Following information can be obtained by either using PrimeCare App or calling the Helpline (021) 111-911-673.

  • Track remaining balances and card usage history
  • Access the list and locations of clinics, Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmacies with relevant discounts.