PrimeCare card is a prepaid card. The customer and dependents will be able to avail the OPD services without paying consultancy fee at any of the service providers of his eligible category.

  • The card is valid for 1 calendar year. Month of purchase will be given as grace period to customers
  • No cash or credit card required at the time of need
  • Card presence is not mandatory to aval OPD consultancy; instead card owner can generate a Service Code and give it to anyone to use
  • The card visits cover OPD consultancy only

    A Prestige card holder is allowed to access all 3 categories of Service Providers while Silver card holder will be allowed at Silver and Blue category service providers. Blue card holder will only be allowed at Blue category service providers only
  • Customers can choose cards according to their family size, need and budget.
  • Combination of virtual and physical consultancy on the card gives customer an option to choose the consultancy as per the ailment severity.